Berthoud bucks-
Shop and support local

Support Berthoud businesses

Help us support our local businesses by shopping local. We will help incentivize your shopping by giving you Berthoud Bucks to local businesses.

Receive Berthoud Bucks

Participate in one of the events below to receive your Berthoud Bucks to a local business.

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Check back in January for latest location!

Frequently asked questions

Berthoud Bucks are a valid bank check, made out directly to a local business, that spend just like cash and can be used at any Berthoud business or nonprofit. The program is designed to encourage local shopping, which in turn strengthens our economy and supports business growth. 

Participate in the latest event to support Berthoud businesses and receive Berthoud Bucks. 

Follow the events to know when and where you can participate.

Berthoud Bucks are only able to be used at local Berthoud businesses. Must be at least 16 years old. Must be present to receive. 

One per person. Shop local! Our businesses need our support!