Berthoud bucks-
Shop and support local

Shop local

Spend money at local Berthoud Businesses and keep your receipt.

Receive Berthoud Bucks

Submit your receipt below and receive $25 in Berthoud Bucks to a local business.

Sumbit your receipt

Every time you shop local, your receipt will get you $25 in Berthoud Bucks to support a local business. 

    Upload Your Receipt: ( image of receipt taken from your phone or scanned )

    Frequently asked questions

    Berthoud Bucks are a valid bank check, made out directly to a local business, that spend just like cash and can be used at any Berthoud business or nonprofit. The program is designed to encourage local shopping, which in turn strengthens our economy and supports business growth. 

    Shop local and submit your receipts and we will contact you to collect your Berthoud Bucks. 

    After submitting the form below, the Berthoud Chamber will email you to schedule your pick up time at the office (428 Mountain Ave) or we will mail them to you.

    Yes. Receipts must be from local Berthoud businesses only and from purchases no earlier than 10/1/2020. 

    Once a week. Shop local! Our businesses need our support!