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Every dollar you spend at an independent local business creates up to 3.5 times more local economic benefit than dollars spent at a chain.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Berthoud Businesses to Help With Your Home Improvement Projects

If you’re looking to spruce up your home, there’s no reason to stray far from home.
Berthoud is packed with home-improvement experts who can lend a professional hand to just about any home improvement project, from windows to flooring to home decor.
Here are just a few of the many ways to keep supporting the Berthoud community and economy, while getting high-quality help from experts. Note: This is not the entire list, but it is a great place to start.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Plan a Full Spa Day in Berthoud

Sometimes you need to treat yo’self. Other times you need to take care of yourself. A spa day can serve both purposes.
Planning a relaxing day of self-care may seem indulgent, but it actually can have many health and wellness benefits. In particular, it can help reduce stress, which at this moment in time seems more needed than ever before.
You don’t have to go far — or leave town at all — to plan a totally comprehensive spa day. Berthoud is full of skilled practitioners and experts who can make you look and feel your best, whether it’s for the holidays, the new year, a special occasion, a photo shoot or just for yourself.
Here’s how to plan the perfect spa day in Berthoud, from your toenails to your hair and everywhere in between.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

5 Berthoud-Based Photographers to Capture Your Special Event

Berthoud is known as the “garden spot of Colorado,” but it could easily deserve another nickname: “the artists’ spot.” A quick drive through this small town reveals art everywhere: oversized murals, sculptures, unique home decor inside and out.
The artistic eye is especially evident with the town’s photography selection. Berthoud is home to many professional photographers, from those who specialize in wildlife and nature to those who can capture headshots and senior pics.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Eat Local at Home

You can have farm-to-table meals — on your very own table at home. One of the benefits of living in an agricultural town like Berthoud is access to the small, local farms.
The annual farmers’ market is a reliable place to shop for fresh, local ingredients. But in addition to the Berthoud Farmers’ Market, many of Berthoud’s farmers open their fields and farms to the community, so we can all have access to farm-fresh food. Some offer farm stands, pick-and-pay produce and CSA memberships. Others sell online.
Here are seven farms to check out the next time you want to shop local for your next meal.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Don’t Want to Cook?

It’s the perfect storm: The hunger crashes down on you, and you have no dinner prepared. Not only that, but your fridge is at the bottom of the grocery cycle and the only thing edible is a bag of carrots — wait, nope, they’re not edible.
It happens to even the most Martha Stewart of us.
Normally, that calls for dining out. But sometimes you don’t want to (or shouldn’t) be seen in public. Especially during the busy holidays when you are up to your eyeballs in wrapping paper and tape.
Relax and stop the stomach grumbling. You don’t even have to leave town.
Here are some tasty to-go dinner ideas for those days when you don’t want to cook. Bonus: They’re all Berthoud businesses.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Berthoud Goes to the Dogs

Epic the German Shepherd has had a special home away from home since he was just four months old.
A short drive off County Road 1 is a doggie heaven on Earth: an expansive, 22-acre property with six different, vast play yards where Epic and other dogs can romp and play while their owners are away — whether that’s just for a workday or for a longer vacation.
It’s called the Happy Tails Dog Ranch, and if Epic is any indicator, the name is fitting.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

A Closer Look at Berthoud’s Most Unusual Business

You’ve seen the shop on Mountain Avenue, right in the heart of downtown Berthoud. Windows are filled with lush plants and crystals glisten in the front window. It’s like no other business in town.

And unless you’ve spent some time here — sipping tea, relaxing to the sound of a gong, browsing Berthoud’s most diverse library — there’s a pretty good chance you may not realize what Panther’s Gate Metaphysical Center is truly about. This business offers martial arts and yoga on one side and runs an apothecary, ministry and metaphysical school and store on the other. But it’s so much more.
The owner is equally as surprising.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

An All-Berthoud Gift Guide

Think about the postcard holiday scene. A quaint, historic downtown glistening with red and green. Shoppers peering into the festive windows of small businesses. Towering evergreen trees strung with lights. Snow-capped mountains in the background.

We can all see it. And it’s downtown Berthoud.

This small town is lovely year-round, but the charm amplifies around the holidays, when the downtown business district glows with colorful lights.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

5 Hidden Gem Businesses in Berthoud to Check Out in 2021

You have driven down Mountain Avenue and know all of the shops in the Hays Market shopping center. But there’s still a ton about this town you likely don’t know. Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, there are a surprising number of small, at-home, online and off-the-beaten-path local businesses you might not have heard about before.

Here are five of those hidden gem businesses worth getting to know in 2021.

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Berthoud Area Chamber of Commerce

Building Blocks – This Berthoud Couple Has Made a Career Out of Lego

Meghan Nelson could never have known the Christmas gift she gave her boyfriend would completely change the course of their lives.

A Lego creator set.

 Set #5765, the Transport Truck, to be specific. The Nelsons still have it — a semi that transports a helicopter — as well as the sealed package of that kit, which they later ordered as a sentimental collector item. Today, it’s a memento to mark the beginning of their unique business, Mr. Brick Designer.

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Berthoud Chamber

Stocking Stuffers From Berthoud Businesses

Here’s Some Holiday Shopping Inspo, From Candles to Cups to Custom Cornhole

When stocking up to stuff your stockings this holiday season, you don’t need to look farther than your own neighborhood. Berthoud is packed with crafters, creatives, artists and unique presents.

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